If you ever


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A small poem which I wrote a long time back. I had completely forgotten about this poem, I rediscovered it while going through old emails.

If you ever want to gift me something,
just give me a book.
A book full of characters to behold,
To take me to a land full of possibilities and adventure.

If you ever want to see me happy,
just remind me of my friends,
Friends old or new and the shy or the bold.
To graze upon the land of memories filled with both happiness and gloom.

If you ever want to see me in love,
just remind me of my special someone.
His caresses, loving words and his loving hold.
To thank the almighty for this life full of love and bliss.


This poem was written during tumultuous times of my life. I was facing some major changes and setbacks in my personal life.


Home is where the heart is..!!


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For all the people who know me, they already know that I have a thing for changing my city of residence every other year ever since I got married. It has never so far been a planned move, it just so happened that my husband got a better opportunity and I being ME just resigned from my job and followed him behind. It’s over 4 years since we got married and I am already in my 3rd city – Hyderabad, but a major change has happened this year.

We finally decided to buy a flat after getting annoyed with the frequent water problem in our rented apartment. My husband had already seen a flat and he just took me to see the flat on 1st May(Labor day holiday), as soon as I entered this apartment I felt at home and I just said: “Let’s take it”. We didn’t do much of arguing, fighting, consulting a humongous number of people. We just decided and the very next day paid the signing amount (My husband had already done the necessary checks). We completed all the formalities and even selected an interior designing agent and made him start work right away, as the apartment was near completion from the builder’s side.

We had our Griha Pravesh(House warming ceremony) on June 8, only the POP and painting work was done by that time. There were no cupboards, just a few lights, and only one fan. We had a really nice puja followed by a havan, many of our close relatives graced the occasion. It happened way too quickly, soon we vacated our rented apartment and shifted to our new home which was still incomplete. We did not have much furniture and stuff, so we just shifted all our stuff into one completed bedroom and my husband stayed on with the incomplete home, whereas I went for an impromptu stay at my Mom’s place for a few days. I and my dearest husband fought over most of the minor issues on daily basis over video calls. Sometimes, I didn’t like a particular color used in one indent in the ceiling, or the way the TV unit was coming around and few other minor things. I became all worrisome and arrived almost unannounced back to Hyderabad. My excuse was that I was unable to sleep properly with the way the interiors were executed.
I remember the first few days of me returning, the cupboards were not complete and the kitchen cupboards had not even started. So there was no question of cooking food so I just started making rice in the rice cooker and hubby was getting Sabji and Daal from outside at times of course home delivery was the best option. We did this for almost a week. But we didn’t complain or crib much as we were happy that we were seeing in action as our home’s interiors were getting ready. We were consulting, arguing and deciding stuff for home. We both are really bad with color schema, decor, and all those classy interior stuff. We just would stare at a selection of door knobs, glass partition, colors, all those sundry for a long time ( as if we were actually thinking) and then would just select one out of mere instinct.

Our home is not perfect, but it is us ;). I am happy with all that mismatched colors of our wardrobes, kitchen, and cabinets. I sometimes do get weird comments, like something should have been like this, like that etc, But I mostly never even care. I am just at peace with my mismatched decor and home. This is my home, our home. Our first home and that’s what matters at the end.

Just after completion

Dining Hall and the pooja mandirIMG_20150805_153359245_HDR


Blogathon Day 2| Creative ideas to capture your tiny tot


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I don’t have kids yet, but I have an amazing neighbor who has an adorable 1 year old. This neighbor has become a really good friend now.  One day I was just browsing the web and came across a website, where a mother dresses up her sleeping baby boy as various characters from various fairy tales and capture those beautiful scenes. After seeing those pictures I very badly wanted to do that on my own. So I teamed up with my neighbor and created a beautiful starry night themed photo shoot with her baby 🙂

Materials Used: Royal Blue Colored Blanket, My Queen Sized Bed, My other neighbor’s White long skirt, Stars cut outs by me and my friend.



IMG_20141205_123103327 IMG_20141205_124102641 IMG_20141205_123354220


The picture could have been better, but the baby woke up from her nap and became all curious and did not let us click any more pics. 🙂


❤ ❤

Blogathon Day 1|Retrospect..!!


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I am participating in a month long blogathon hosted by Seema this year.

Last year was full of ups and downs. To a certain extent it was full of downs than ups.. :(. I had lot of issues with my health, home and the new city. the cherry on top of all these pitfalls was that I had suddenly plunged into the world of joblessness. I had the job of my dreams back at Bangalore, then my husband got this awesome offer to locate to Hyderabad on a new Job. I just quit my job and joined him in Hyderabad. Little did I know that searching a job even after having considerable amount of experience would be such a difficult task. I was getting many offers, but they were paying much lesser salary than my previous one..! I started having second thoughts regarding pursuing a new job.

After lot of discussions, fights and arguments with my husband. I decided that I will take a break from full time jobs and instead do some freelancing jobs.After this decision came the next big question of How?

I started doing all kind of research over the web and started doing some freelancing work. It is still nothing to boast about but it has given me a sense of satisfaction and a sense of achievement of being able to do something according to my rules and at my own comforts.

This pursuit for happiness is going to be a life long struggle, but I am sure that I am going to pass them all with flying colours.

Looking hopefully towards this new year..!! 🙂

(P.S: A really messy post, just wrote on a flow. Did not think much 😉 )

My little sister


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This is short poem I wrote for my sister’s Birthday, she means the world to me.  She is one really genuine person and speaks more straight forward than me. I pray for a really happy life for this beautiful person with the heart of GOLD.

A girl so sweet and so very kind,
acts like a bigger girl than me at times.
Quick to reach out and help any soul,
be it a friend or a complete alien.

You make me worried once in while,
when you don’t pick my calls in a second.
I know that you’re a big girl now,
and don’t need me pestering you around.

Dearie I don’t wish you an all easy life,
but I do pray that you’re able to give a tough fight.
Be safe, strong and bold
and don’t forget that you are our world.

Always be the one to reach out for,
and be the gentle soul which you always are.
You will always be my little girl,
even when you grow very very old.

Lots and lots of ❤ ❤

What acheivements mean to me ????


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The word achievement has different implication for different people. For some it is just being fully able to do whatever they always wanted to do and for some it is just being able to simply enjoy the life the way it is. I feel I come amongst those people who always want to achieve something and as soon as they achieve it, they set a newer goal to reach. 😉 I feel , most of us come in this category. Aren’t we all a little bit greedy? A question to retrospect indeed.

So now back to the real question, What do I think is my greatest achievement in life till now? Are they the material goals which we set in our life for our personal or professional growth ? I guess may be the answer to this questions lies in the very fact that what we think about our achievement and not what others feel what we have achieved or failed to achieve. To answer this million dollar question, when I tried to close my eyes and browse over my life I feel the greatest achievement for me so far has always been the secured life, the enormous amount of unconditional love which I have had so far which I always took for granted as my greatest achievements. I also feel my not so happening life where in each day is almost the same as any other day is also an achievement when compared to people who are not as blessed as me. The very feeling of complete acceptance by the people wherein I never had to change myself or lose my individuality to accommodate or please someone is also an achievement for me.All my near and dear ones never think twice before sharing their problems with me and I feel a great sense of achievement for being their go to person.All in all I feel the love, respect and acceptance of my loved ones is my greatest achievement and I want to grow as a much better person in the coming years and Yes, I want to do my bit for my society and environment in long run and Yes I know,as always I am a greedy person indeed. 😉

New Year Party – Post 2


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No party for me this year…!!! Sigh..

For that matter I am not so much of party person , we as in Me and My hubby like to usher in new year by having quite dinners followed by cake cutting and calling all our family and friends and wishing them for new year. This year was different as my hubby is in a different city and I am busy serving my notice period in my current company and joining him soon… Soon as in another 10 days 🙂 🙂

I spent new year eve, chatting with my friends and husband over watsapp.I was waiting for the clock to strike 12 and was the 1st one to call my husband at that very moment and wished him a cheerful “Happy New Year” which was almost like screaming over the phone. 🙂 We spoke for a really long time. And he told me again and again that he is missing me so much. It was really nice to listen to him when he was missing me so much and sounding so much in love. Haye yeh mausam aur yeh Tanhai…!!

I recollected our courtship period when speaking over phone all night was a daily routine and saying those little nothings were a part of everyday life. After getting hitched (I mean Married) the romance was lagging some certain aspect which I feel was fulfilled to a great extent by these few days of lone time.

I did not miss the New Year Party, not even a wee bit as I felt so much-loved and so much wanted by certain someone who has now become the most important part of life….!!

New Year Resolutions- Post 1


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Yay …!! I am participating in this awesome blogathon. I am very excited about this assignment(Yes its true I am calling it an assignment so that I will take it very seriously). Firstly, let me thank R’s Mom as I got to know about this Blogathon through one of her post and I want to thank Dreamy Mommy  for letting me in…!!!

Straight to the point, as always I have made a kind of mental list for all the things which I want to accomplish in this brand new year.

  • First and foremost I need to go on vacations, I am planning at least 3, of which 2 can be small ones like a weekend get away and one 10 days long relaxing vacation. I am craving for a really nice long romantic vacation from a really long time. I have to accomplish it for sure this year.The problem with me was that I always wanted my hubby to take the initiative , do the planning and take all the trouble and I just enjoy it. But I have realized that its never going to happen and I have to become more proactive and initiate and do all the planing  including the bookings,deciding the place,traveling mode etc and just GO FOR IT.
  • Controlling my temper. I tell myself again and again that I need not scream and shout to make myself clear.I just need to be calm and consistent to let the other party know that how their actions or the lack of it is causing me all the trouble and problems.So this year I am going to count till 20,200,2000 if necessary to control my temper.
  • Get a New Job which will cater to all my learning and earning cravings. I want to work at a competitive place where there is a lot of scope to learn and grow as a professional minus the office politics.
  • Stand up for myself. I was able to stand for myself to a great extent this year. I did not allow anyone to take me on a ride according their whims and pampers.But I still need to learn “When to say NO”. I just kept on nodding my head and I over worked myself to complete exhaustion.Even after doing all that work there was no recognition.. sigh! 😦
  • Become a much fitter and healthier person.I had many cold and cough bouts last year.I was down with severe cold and cough,with the slightest change in weather,which was hampering my lifestyle to a great extent.Now I have a realized that good immunity can be acquired only by remaining healthy.I am going to join that dance class which I wanted to join from long back and dance away to glory, meanwhile becoming fitter. Yes I am not a walking or gymming kind of person..!!
  • Learn Baking…! Yes I want to learn baking this year.I have never done any baking ever in my life but I do wish to start it this year. 🙂

So, I am going to have a realistic resolutions list this year. As I don’t want to make many and end up achieving very few.I usually stick to my resolution when they are few and little achievable and I do hope that 2014 comes with its own set of goodies and I become a better and wiser person with each passing year.